UX/ UI Design

Yamli Doughnut

E-Commerce product page

product page


Product page for the" Yamali Doughnut " Company.
Custom made Doughnut glaze.

Persona User flow

The customer wants to order a doughnut with a special topping.

Solution And Features

A complete product purchase process
Provide user engagement, playfulness, and motivation while taking into account emotional disadvantages and creating user trust in the company like:

Creating reliability and security of the company with the customer

  • aLocation of company
  • branches
  • Opening Hours
  • Shipments
  • Customers

Addressing customer questions
caloric value
How much does one doughnut cost and is there an offer?
Promoting related products of the company.

After process

A confirmation message has been sent and thank you to the customer who actually made the purchase.
And displaying additional items that may interest the customer in the future.