UX Design

train kiosk Navigation

Information navigation
kiosk for major railway stations.

Information navigation
kiosk for major railway stations.


Information navigation kiosk for major railway stations.
The kiosk shows the location of the train facilities such as parking, restaurants, services and more.
In addition, train passengers show navigation routes for their travel platform and can purchase or scan the ticket at the kiosk itself.

Persona User flow

The flow shows two types of users
1. Users who want to find navigation to the train facilities
2. Users who purchased a ticket and want to navigate to the platform according to their itinerary
3. A lean app that the user can navigate while alive with an IR camera.

Solution And Features

After exploring and understanding the points of pain of the users.
It is important to be familiar with the orientation of the railroad space, present the data in an accessible, memorable and quick navigation to the travel platform.

The information kiosk
Interactively displays and accesses much
of the user's information and targets it by:

  • Three-dimensional visual map of the train station
  • Touch screen that can be
    zoomed in and out.
  • Search freely or by relevant filtering (continuous search or facilities
    at the store station).
  • Play track navigation
    up to user platform.
  • subtitle
  • Mobile sharing option.

Mobile App

In addition to the kiosk, the user can download an applet where the user can:

  • Navigate the freeway freely.

  • Get real-time navigation.

  • Rail Delay Alerts.

  • AR camera


In the project I faced a number of challenges:
I do not travel by train and have had to reach the train station many times to watch passersby, relying on user surveys and interviews to identify the main point of pain.

  • Identify and present solutions to several types of users who do not have the same needs.
  • Know how to focus the information.
  • Thinking about an overall experience of the user how to remove pressure from it, access to it a great deal of information and remember quickly and pleasantly.
  • Questions such as is just an information kiosk or maybe another solution is needed? (That's how the need for an app came about)
  • Sharing to the mobile or downloading an app that raises new questions with it such as whether it behaves exactly like the information kiosk or does it respond to other needs like real-time AR camera navigation, and train delay alerts.

The next step

In the next step of the process, I want to focus on the app and expand its solutions to it as several stations solve questions of what happens to the user after boarding the train.