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My Garden Way

A mobile Information and app for temporary assistant

A mobile Information and app for temporary assistant


Information and management app for temporary kindergarten
assistants in Tel Aviv public kindergartens. The purpose of the
app is to present information about the preschool and the needs
of preschoolers.

Persona User flow

The assistant gets into the app every morning, getting
Preschool Overview (Location and Arrivals, Kindergarten Name,
Children's Names and Needs by Distributing to Sensitive Groups.

Solution And Features

After creating a survey, exploring users and understanding their pain points.

Displaying information in the app should be a memorable ,fast displayed in several sections throughout the app.

  • General information about kindergarten and children.
  • Sharing information about needs and sensitivity and children
    (allergies, mental and physical needs).
  • Use color for quick recall
  • Map and garden needs
  • A follow-up journal of the asstant future and future gardens including daily hazel


The success of the app relies on transferring information and time management in an easy, clear and concise way to the user, quickly and easily. This should help reduce stress and save time for kindergarten staff and management.
Remove barriers and frustrations, and help clarify matters for the temporary assistant.
The app clears daily problems for the temporary assistant such as:
– What kindergarten do I work in today?
– What's my schedule for the day?
Most importantly, who are the kids and the kindergartener I am going to see today?

* Remove barriers from parents by helping them provide information about their child's special needs and sensitivities.
The information in the app will be general and non-invasive, and will be passed on by the parents and the educator with full consent.
* Ability to move messages quickly and directly between the teacher and the temporary assistant, even if they have not met before.

the next step
Strengthening the management and communication relationships between the temporary assistant and her direct supervisor.
Sign in and out using the app, summary of previous shifts, reviews, etc.