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my feride recipe

Daily recipe app

Daily recipe app


A daily recipe app for fast and basic cooking, where we can choose ingredients and the app finds different recipes according to the ingredient choice.

Persona User flow

The persona is already a signed user, she used the app a few times before, she already has her favorite number of ingredients that she likes to cook with.


Shelly Beifus a 35-year-old woman, single, with a full-time job, likes to cook and experience with new recipes. Cooks 2-3 time a week using the same ingredient

  • She believes other available recipe apps are inaccurate, and often recommend her to buy expensive ingredients she has no use for afterwards.
  • There’s not enough variety in the recipes she got from other apps, and they’re not engaging enough so she doesn’t always know what she feels like cooking.
  • Cooking is only a small part of her life and she wants to spend her time doing other things.

User journey map

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The inspiration for this project was derived from slot machines. Thinking about how joining two objects creates another immediately and easily, and different objects generate different results. In the first drafts, the connection is significantly more obvious, but during the work process, it became apparent that this form does not suit the user's needs. A small glimpse of the original inspiration was left in micro-animations and the general idea.
During the work process, another need was noticed which is the experience of creating the dish: the aesthetics, and the textures, are by no means any less important than the result. These factors should be taken into consideration in the app which should be more than just a shopping list for the user. Despite all that, the user’s limited time should be taken into account, and results should be given to the user quickly and easily.
The app can also be related to the business by incorporating ads to kitchen tools and gadgets, links to different chef websites, and supermarkets.